The best Android TV 2017 – Sony Bravia XD93 (X93D) Review !

The best Android TV 2017 – Sony Bravia XD93 (X93D) Review!


Best Android TV 2017

The Sony Bravia XD93 is known as a high notch Android TV Flagship in 2016: All in all the perfect android good television I’ve examined thus far. Nvidia protect continues to be for me a greater variety. Nvidia protects overview coming quickly.
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In February 2016 ITXtutor and Flokaheli turned Tech magnet to ship information, evaluations and exciting stuff for a sensible, linked era.

The best Android TV 2017 Review

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In additional methods than not XD93 (X93D) resemble final 12 months’ X85C. It’s not similar to final 12 months’ X93C that it on paper replaces. This has to do with Sony’s selection of panel but additionally as a result of Sony has chosen to take away the large elephant ear audio system. Nevertheless, XD93 additionally presents some neat upgrades over X85C within the type of semi-native dimming. The introduction worth is nearly on par with final 12 months’ X85C.

The obvious enhancement that XD93 brings to the desk is the HDR help. Apart from that Sony has managed to get rid of the brilliant edges that we noticed on final 12 months’ X85C. Alternatively, clouding is again, which isn’t shocking given Sony’s selection of edge LED. The adaptive backlight management will to some extent get rid of these points and it’s required for reproducing HDR content material however it isn’t an ideal answer, and it struggles with subtitles.

On the function aspect, XD93 has a thinner profile however considerably worse audio system. It additionally has a brand new distant, which – in our eyes – is one other step again from an already poor distant.

With regards to Android TV, we’ve little new to report. After a number of software program updates, the working system is extra secure than after we reviewing final 12 months’ TV, and Sony has added lacking options similar to recording however moreover that it’s mainly identical. Sony has even chosen to make use of the identical within the 2016 TVs so all enhancements come from software program optimization. One of the best halves of Android TV might be that it has full Google Forged help baked in. Android TV continues to be not what we had hoped for.


  1. piedrudo piedro

    internal 8gb only?? wtf

  2. Air Supply

    Bro can u tell me how to see system information in x850d model? I want to see my TVs ram etc…..

  3. Nadjib Bouzera

    can u please link me the video were playing on the tv , i like it

  4. Maximiliano Garcia

    Can you download apps from the play store as well? As a android tablet?

  5. Paul Antipolo

    can smart sony stream any movie websites on it's web browser?I need to know before buying this because Samsung lets you stream on browser

  6. laana

    Alguém quer cupom de desconto e ganhar dinheiro de volta 🙂


  8. Kovačević Dobrina

    Who paid you to talk up this piece of trash. Sony TVs are nothing but trouble.

  9. Fahad Al Othman

    Thank you for your review, somehow I could notice the same light bleed in my 850d ..
    and yes, totally agreed on the remote and android performance

  10. uchiha suske

    yeah sony king of HD tvs amazing 4k smart tv i wonder if this new smart tvs avilble in the middile east markets

  11. Colin Stienke

    I have a Nvidia Shield as what I meant

  12. Colin Stienke

    my parents have one and it does suck so bad I haven't Nvidia shield and a 4K television and it's so much better

  13. hinduspl

    +TechMagnet Content has to be recorded in HDR to see the magic happen with this hdr feature? or will it worn on normal media as well ?

  14. GeekConsumer

    The 4 HDMI ports are compatible with HDR?

  15. Saqab Rashid

    how can I get the shield remote

  16. Hhemenistan

    I had the 55xd8005 it was a great tv with outstanding picture quality, but for a dark room or dark movies was not really good.

  17. Lewis Saunders

    This Sony or a Samsung ks8000?

  18. John Mitchelson

    How do i set it up? It selected the programs list but i can't move past this point

  19. s bari

    Does anyone know if this android tv is able to download kodi app?thanks

  20. Fernando Scheps Serra

    Looks nice, but still not perfect. I think you would be better spending less money for a "Non so smart" TV and just connect an Intel NUC to it to have a full fleged media center basically without restrictions. The Logitech K400 keyboard with touchpad is a great partner for the NUC 😉

  21. Ma Re

    hallo, ich habe den 50sd8005,
    und dazu den dualshock4 controller,
    wenn ich den controller über usb anschließe funktioniert er einwandfrei, wenn ich ihn mit bluetooth verbinde, dann reagiert der controller nicht wie er soll, man muss auf den tasten drauf bleiben, dann fühlt sichs eher nach "scrollen" an,
    haben sie da tipps für mich wie ich den fehler beheben kann?irgendwie ein einstellungsmenü für zb tastenbelegung kann ich nicht finden

  22. king diamond

    sony is one world best tv with panasonic, i dont accept others, been honestly

  23. Ankit Sen

    Sony rules everywhere

  24. Aindriu Mac Giolla Eoin

    very good review. I have a 1080p Sony Bravia (about 5 years old) and I have the same remote as the above. To be nice about the remote, its sh1t. Direct pointing at the screen is last century technology and the buttons are horrible. I might get the new model

  25. dAN3x ™

    dont buy it! Sony tvs have DSE and Banding like shit

  26. Sony Bravia

  27. James Wilkinson

    The edges of the picture looked pretty dark!? Not great.

  28. kid buu

    good tv but i have no money and a great review mate

  29. Richard Crump

    Can this TV upscale 720p and 1080p content it 4k resolution? Basically can it upscale?

  30. Psychogenicscc

    Web OS it is than

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