QUEST MODS – fallout 4 mods pc – Week 75 (PC/Xbox One)

QUEST MODS – Fallout 4 mods pc

Here is fallout 4 mods pc.

fallout 4 mods pc

Today with another advertiser-friendly edition (please) we check out some of the best mods coming out for Fallout 4 in the past week! These are Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One, PC, and even some now being released for PS4.


The Mods:

Chinese Assault Rifle Animations:
PC –
Xbox One –

PC –

PC –
Xbox One –

No More Twigs:
PC –
Xbox One –
PS4 –

PC –
Xbox One –

Author – Vinnovat


  1. JuiceHead

    Join my discord to enter the final chance to win one of the 3 giveaways!

  2. Jace Scott

    What was the shotgun at 4:00

  3. kingoftrolls

    Suck that corporate cock

  4. PandaPooLauncher

    Hey JuiceHead could you find some PS4 mods too

  5. Ultrus

    Jeez that female character in thumbnail looks great.

  6. a4happy20 Productions

    You should check out this quest mod…? —

  7. Oakley Watkins

    Why cant i download the CA rifle anims? I have the rifle downloaded

  8. Dr. Crisp N Chisp

    No more twigs.

    No more Fucking twigs.

    HeadJuice you're a joke


  9. Virava Demireva

    Author of thumbnail is called Vinovat (with one "n"), and can be found on the nexus.

  10. Milton2k

    Big fan of yours, I know the competition over YT is quite hard but…..could you pls stop the click bait? I always click your videos, I do like your content, but the thumb actually made me think about some content like the one that was shown. ( I think it is from SR). Maybe you'll get some other views but your fanbase is going to grow tired IMO.

  11. Moderatly hairy Scrotum


  12. Bekkert

    What is that shotgun skin? looks dope!!

  13. Soviet Wanderer

    Can any mod reviewer, ever make a spoiler-filled quest mod review? Playthroughs are way too long. It would probably be faster to play the mod myself, so this doesn't help me decide if it would be worth downloading. Spoiler-free mod pages and reviews never give me a good idea of the mod.

  14. Elduroto

    War Daddy is a commie confirmed

  15. Anthony Polidore Gaming

    Ak74m And RU556 and Glock 17/18 are great mods

  16. Alex Gomez

    Hey Juicehead, what was the shotgun that you used when you killed those settlers on the no twigs mod?

  17. Kung Fu Man

    Those animations are damn good and sound great. He let us use them on Junkmaster's CAR as well in this latest update 😮

  18. TXGermsXT

    Hey Juicehead, since you're organizing a giveaway with Bethesda, could you maybe try and speak with them about the 2gb mod limit on xbox?

  19. hunter wolf

    Where are the quesyy

  20. antonio salazar

    1:39 seriously what aremor mod are you using?

  21. Austin Webb

    No more twigs will get me to re-install.

  22. Emoji Cool

    Tbh this one of the most "Eh" group of mods ever released

  23. Cak Gaming

    You should cover more quest mods if possible

  24. Alae Izzar

    This CROSS_HALO mod reminds me of the karma mechanic in the older games.

  25. Watcher of Hope

    It may sound weird but the demon horns kinda remind me of venom snake from mgs5. They just have that feeling of being from the mgs universe, especially the one with the fire animation

  26. Sith'ari Azithoth

    The gunners lack depth? I thought they stem from the school vault supersoldier breeding program?

  27. Kathryn Free

    So glad the Chinese Assault Rifle got some awesome animations. It back up on my top favorite mods again.

  28. Admiral Jackson

    Lol when he said "various loot" I heard "very a sloot".

  29. joe pipitone

    Can u do a top 5 quest mod video


  31. d0ge ledgend2001

    Juicehead great video once again but you need to focus more on mods that are actually available for console and pc etc. You need to just check because I am still waiting on that G36C!

  32. EclaveGrunt

    I feel fallout 4 quest mods are limited compared to NV. Not sure if it's harder on 4, but it just stinks

  33. Papa Chanka
    Cascadia trailer

  34. yung  samurai

    Anyone else want Juice to make another vid on his load order??

  35. Nich

    Juice head I’d clap ur cheeks (no homo)

  36. MasMustacheo

    "Find a little note, get on a boat-"
    Was that intentional? XD

  37. Alko1


  38. Charles Bronson

    'Advertiser friendly video'
    shoots 2 civillans in the head while explaing twigs

  39. dracoinsanity

    Thanks for the video! It's always nice to see some more quest mods, those are the ones I want the most and actually go back to the game for. New guns and armour is nice and all, but doesn't really do much for the longevity of the gameplay for me. I also like the new settlement options and the devil horns. lol

  40. Kim Valença

    Fucking twigs.

  41. Secave

    I'm still waiting for a similar quest than the skyrim one named "The forgotten City"
    That thing was so small (not even 1Go I think) but damn, so good !
    The many shall suffer for the sins of the one !

    Not the same kind of quest but a quest mod that does surprise me in the same way that that skyrim mod. Gonna try the quest in the video tho.

  42. Centurion Cat

    3:57 A Q U A L I T Y O F
    L I F E I M P R O V E M E N T
    (slaughters settlers with shotgun)

  43. Fandom Tribal

    Come on! I just discovered "Downtown Boston Fix".
    I never had a more consistent frame rate there on my Xbox One with that mod!

  44. RapShort4Master

    So where is the hot chick from thumbnail all i did get was some gay guy with fag0t voice… ooofff

  45. Ian Wear

    The cross halo mod reminds me of fable

  46. ChaoticTabris

    Those horns look exactly like the ones you get in Skyrim when using the Dragon Aspect Shout.

  47. ROBI Yanovic

    So now Fallout 4 Mods are showcasing a GAYS? Dude you sound so GAY. I cant stand it cant watch for 5 fucking seconds!

  48. G uber2000

    My only gripe with the Chinese Assault rifle animations is the third person. Instead of using the smg third person animations he could've used the Nuka World handmade rifle animations for third person. Still a great mod though. Hope it gets more updates.

  49. Dbomb 12

    Dig Bick

  50. OberonFK

    Holy shit stop using full auto weapons at long range…I have the utmost respect for you, but as someone who pretty much uses combat rifles, pistols, and snipers I cringe when you use a full auto rifle to try to kill an enemy at long range.

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