How to Catch Pokemon using Bots pokemon go bot android

How to Catch Pokemon using Bots in Pokemon Go using an APK File No Root Required

Here is the complete video guide on How to Catch Pokemon using Bots in Pokemon Go using Pokemon go bot android.

Pokemon go bot android

Botting in Pokemon Go has been explained in this video, how to catch Pokemon using bot in Pokemon go using an application.

Hash Keys forPokemon go bot android:

4P0P1A7X8G8Z7N2I7P2C (valid until 22 Nov 2018)
9T0N9Q2E2K8I3H2V5L6H (valid until 11 Dec 2018)
You can also use your own 1500RPM or 3000RPM hashkeys to bot
Shoutout to Geeky Android Sub them on:

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pokemon go bot android

Pokemon go bot apk download for Android

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    My problem
    HashAki: missing x-auth token headre!

    Any idea plzzz

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    Could I ask you how much is safe ? I know it is an hard question. I want to know if you played it for a week and nothing happend and how much do you usally bot.

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