Let’s Look At: Assault Android Cactus!


Assault Android Cactus

on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/250110/

Assault Android Cactus is a twin-stick arcade-inspired shooter that has finally made it out of early access. Check out my thoughts in this video!

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  1. ace942

    I just noticed the ranking system is the same as used in the One Punch Man anime. I wonder if that was on purpose. I just got the game and I am enjoying it.

  2. naiL

    Bought the game because of your Let's look at and so far I really love it. Thanks!

  3. C8R Models

    Book: just another page
    Netflix: just another episode
    Food: just another piece
    This game: just another stage

  4. Olivia Johnson

    I feel like this game is nuclear throne… But more chaotic, and better. And I LOVE nuclear throne.

  5. David Phonville

    There is a voting poll on psn right now for which game to come out on ps plus next month.this game is on it. vote for it. 🙂

  6. elscarface

    Does it have online coop?

  7. Ace

    "-up to 4 people, unfortunately its local only so I haven't had much of a chance to check that out…" Queue Sad Violin

  8. Stevepunk

    Nice specular on the armor on the title and level select screens, and those level select screens do look great (bonus for characters WITH CHARACTER!). The game is simple but also very fluid and looks great at 60fps! I could see myself getting into the zone in this game but prefer a bit more exploration myself..

  9. James Tarrou

    Holy shit I can totally see this game as an arcade booth. Seriously, the devs need to make this into a booth arcade, it'd make mad freaking money.

  10. redapple 97

    Follow me for daily android gameplays

  11. TheMeekMingeMaster

    holy shit, ive been watching nl since his first isaac playthrough, didnt know that was over 2.5 years ago…

  12. ArchipelagoMagi

    how is this not on my steam wishlist? well, it is now!

  13. chuck08113

    "Keep that in mind" I designed this ryhme to remind myself how I got this far.

  14. kaingates

    NL you have 600k subs, and your main focus are indie-games, of course you will get in contact with some people.

  15. Tomáš Vilím

    This game has great concept and is really nicely done,but……..what the fuck is this artwork? Sorry but it looks soo bad.

  16. RunFox

    I remember your first coverage of this I got it back then

  17. Daceydoo Too

    Now to find Assault Android Cactus hentai. Cause all the girls are super adorable.

  18. Volkan Kaya

    this game looks like it would do well as a smartphone or tablet game.

  19. wireight

    This needs more Crimsonland.

  20. Davepeta Sprite_2

    Aubregine basically has a Blue Baby's Only Friend/Ludovico Technique, so why hate on Aubregine?

  21. CZ Frank

    NL's integrity gives me boners

  22. braktheman

    I really love this game.

  23. Daniel Anilicast

    Assault Android Caucus would be a much better game.

  24. Start, Select, Gay

    Ugh, during the beta Aubergine was stupid powerful. You would just direct it where you wanted it to go, it would sit EXACTLY there till moved. it also did a ton of damage. It got patched pretty quickly though. I was so sad that she got nerfed.

  25. sailorpfat

    Next time it would be nice if you'd bother to explain what all the pick ups are since they're clearly a huge part of the gameply.

  26. Mr. Waffles

    why is call of duty an insult? they're pretty games well some pretty good games lol

  27. Mr. Waffles

    lol I love the disclaimer in the beginning , it's funny he has to explain it haha

  28. Chilledfish

    You are knocking down points because it will not appeal to everyone?

    You should really stop being so afraid of recommending things you like. No game is going to appeal to everyone, and it's not something that devs should even strive for. I don't want games that were designed to appeal to everyone.
    As a reviewer you should say what you liked, what you didn't like, how much you liked it, and let people make up their own minds.

    If a person is unable to understand what kind of game it is after being shown and told, repeating it over and over again won't probably help.

  29. YuriaTheWitch

    I wonder if they used the default shader

  30. Semyon Galtsev

    So… Crimsonland?

  31. Matthew Schell

    A lot of people/press were raving about this at PAX. Also you and Kate should play.

  32. SimonCleric

    Would play, but only with online coop…

  33. Mérové Touchstone

    Looks like a cuter and 2d drunken robot pornography.
    That's a compliment.

  34. Colby Troutt

    This LLA makes me really excited for more XCOM videos once XCOM 2 comes out. 😀

  35. Okabe Rintarou

    1:32 where it stars

  36. Symawi San

    i'm looking forward to a northernlion xcom 2 let's play plz don't dissapoint me

  37. Sky Leaf

    NL i must say I did not enjoy your focus on the "if you don't like the genre don't get it" thing. Why? Because every genre appeals only to a certain type of player :/ Only because you think this is a niche product you should not intensively talk about that because it holds absolutely no value for players who: a) never played that genre b) players who don't like the genre (as they know they do and you don't need to tell them) and c) players who are into that genre (they know what this is a bout seeing the game). So you should really try to talk more about the game and less about why you think someone might not like it. It feels like you tryhard critique the game for no reason :/ Of course mentioning that for 1 minute or so ist ok, but not going on and on and on about it 😛 Otherwise I am very happy to see you doing a let's look at as I already mentioned in your discussion section I really think you should do more of that as I feel it is content that brought me to the channel (I do enjoy isaac) but i feel the other content is not exactly my cup of tea (and by that i mean magic, bloodbowl, fallout new v and europa universalis). I am still very disappointed in you not recording more bloodborne out of "recording on ps4 is so difficult" laziness. I got to the channel by a let's look at, stayed because of dark souls spelunky, ftl and isaac. Hope even as you grow bigger and bigger you do not forget your origins unless of course you do not enjoy those games anymore, which i truly hope you still do.

  38. SpooderW

    This game is more fun than it has any right to be.

  39. Bannerman 1903

    'Gussied up'? Come again?

  40. Techno Lion

    I call your opinion in to question Ryan!

  41. Razamataze

    *Puts pinkie finger up nose, "everything's dead…" I lost my shit at that. XD

  42. MrMeddyman

    deja vu

  43. MrMeddyman

    deja vu

  44. dompeace23

    I really hope this game makes it over to PS4/Xbox One at some point.

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