How to update LG G3 to Official Android M 6.0 Manually – NO ROOT/TWRP I EASY

Update LG G3 to Official Android M 6.0 Manually

how to update android

This is a video that a lot of you was searching for 🙂 One easy tutorial again. Hope you have enjoyed, lets reach 5k subscribers together! You will not lose warranty if you perform this update! You can unbrick softbricked LG G3 with this method.

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  1. CeeStyleDj

    Oct 14th, 2017, still on 5.0.1 on Sprint. Not sure why they have yet to release 6.0.or even 7.0

  2. James Thacker

    So if you dont have the original LG usb cable will this not work?

  3. saberthooth87 xxx

    works great,tnxx

  4. 11 22

    Is this work on d850.?

  5. Mehmood Shaida

    antuwa tuwa antu tu lingukowa vrsz LG G3 constantly mechlo ko ko what u menssion de lobya khora dala with VS985 model me amra raghesta ??????? PLZ Answer SIR!!!

  6. Joe G.P.

    interesting, in refurbish mode it only let's me select .tot files

  7. TheSniper X7

    hallo brother i cant get the kdz file from this link
    LG G3 D855 30B_GLOBAL_XX , thanks to @autoprime
    LG G3 D855 30B_EUR_XX , thanks to @maxou2600

  8. Rayyan Khan

    sir plz write files names and and download from which wapsites. ?

  9. Kaje LoVe

    I upgraded software to 6.0 using LGUP because I don't use phone in USA.
    Installation completed without problem, but now when I start phone I get message "unfortunately lg vpn has stopped". Beside that, every time when I try to open some settings like Fingerprints & security I get message "Unfortunately, the process has stopped" and window close.

  10. Muhammad Talha

    can someone tell me is this tutorial applicable on Lgg3 D850 ..i am from pakistan…and totally new to upgrading device

  11. Youssef Sameh

    i am trying to download the kdz file but i click on the link it gives me a blank page

  12. Proto Propski

    It's saying my model is Unknown?

  13. gaurav sharma

    my lg g3 d722k please tell marshmellow root

  14. Donnie Darko

    LGUP doesn't recognise my device.

    I have a custom ROM (Marshmallow) and TWRP on it. It just says UNKNOWN DEVICE: COM41, FULMICS. I didn't think this would make a difference to the model number of the phone?

    I am trying to install LineageOS Nougat but I'm stuck. AFAIK, KDZ doesn't install via TWRP. Do I need to use ODIN? (I haven't custom ROMmed for a while so I'm outta touch, plus I have a S7 now lol)

  15. Wajji shah


  16. Super_Slav

    Can I do this with mine, mine is the TWN model.

  17. B3LMIN

    Kad bih ga updateovao da li bih ostao hrvatski jezik

  18. Delta Playz

    I want to update my LG G3 D850 but I can't any for my model, any links, it's unlocked under at&T and I want it on marshmallow

  19. 8KGAMING


  20. Scott Silver


  21. frivera7049

    For US versions go to be sure to download "LG Universal Mobile Drivers" & "Mobile Support Tool for Windows" there's also the PC Suite

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