How to Transfer Clash of Clans from a Android to iPhone

How to Transfer Clash of Clans from a Android to iPhone

Transfer Clash of Clans from a Android to iPhone

How to transfer clash of clans from android to iPhone.

How to transfer clash of clans from android to iOS

Lot of people are wondering how to transfer clash of clans to android to iphone. it is pretty simple. we all know it is really easy to transfer clash of clans from android to android device since it has google play

but in iPhone it does not have google play.

what you need to do is install clash of clans on iPhone and so the tutorial

then open clash of clans on android device and go to settings. under setting go to link device. you have to choose this is old device.

Then it will ask to what device you need to transfer. select 2nd option, which is “i want to transfer clash of clans to another device”

Then it will show a code.

Open clash of clans on iPhone and go to settings, Then open link device and select this is new device button.

Then it will show a text box to enter the code. quickly enter the code correctly. you only got 5 mins before the code expires.

once the code is added click on the correct icon. that’s it.. you are all done.


  1. Ilaya thalapathi

    How free gems

  2. Rubel khan

    Very useful,but one question I another account add same device?? Stand by tow account??

  3. Jack Wilton

    does anyone know how to if you are over th4? it does not work

  4. الطائر الفينيقي

    its an old method, the baby know that. Try another method

  5. Himansai Honey

    I had a problem that my ios device is showing that after typing the link the account was permanantly attached to game centre

  6. Sujeet chaubey

    But I have lost my last phone

  7. Ashlee

    You saved my life

  8. Mir Patel

    how to link sec time

  9. TaMjId AaHeL

    If I get android I'd to apple should my iPhone

  10. Md Rajib

    Tnx a lot bro….

  11. Nishant blaie Vlogs

    Kya kru

  12. Nishant blaie Vlogs

    Bhai vo code mene phle hi dekh liya tha pe merko pta ni tha kha dalna h vo ab aa ni rha


    Hey can uh help me plz

  14. Abdulla Abdul Raheem

    ipad says NOT LOGGED INTO GAME CENTER and ask me to log into game center. i have tried alot. but not done. can you please help me?

  15. Roshan Poojary

    Is it possible to play on both android and iOS devices together. For eg if I have been playing on android and bought a new iPad and want to play on both is it possible? How will the game progress be saved? Google+ and game centre will have different access. So if I play on my android phone how will the village on my iPad load as last played on android?



  17. Ali Rashed


  18. HadesBanked

    Thanks a lot man I thought I was going to have to quit coc saved my village

  19. Shahnawaz Khan

    There no option in iPhone link or anything else

  20. Why Tho

    Yes i have a question why did u not click on the okay button

  21. Angela A. A.

    It tells me invalid code but I type it in perfectly

  22. Faizzi Malik

    Bro I Want To Remove My village

  23. Faizzi Malik


  24. Sandros Brahimi

    ta qiva ropt mu npidh

  25. Lucy Hlavackova

    Hello I just got iPhone and I can't transfer from android any ideas how I switch that thank you

  26. Arun Bhattarai

    I do same but the problem is I download in iOS and build upto 3 level townhall and it show that u reach this level u cannot change

  27. Lakshay Garg

    Sir By mstake i lost my sync of coc id how to resync my id

  28. Pure Tunez

    Help me i cant do it with my level 9

  29. WillBox2403

    how do you do it if it cant be overridden

  30. Electrik Core

    It says I cant. There goes my th10

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