How To ROOT Android 6.0.1, 6.0, 5.1.1 Complete Guide

How To ROOT Android 6.0.1, 6.0, 5.1.1 Systemless

Here is the complete procedure of How To ROOT Android 6.0.1, 6.0, 5.1.1 Systemless .

Root Android 6.0.1


How To Root Any Android 6.0.1, 6.0, 5.1.1



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  1. violation of volition

    But I'm tired af this is a very bad tutorial rooting comes along with having the unblocked like If you got a cr you know how to use it

  2. Justinjc Viray

    someone with J5 2016 6.0.1 tried it? if yes tell me if it works plz


    nice yehh rooted my phone

  4. sheshan t

    My mobile LG k10 is not root. How to root my mobile

  5. Anubara Kaisuke

    bloody hell it doesnt support mine!

  6. Pappu Sengupta

    laar ka liye computer use karta hai

  7. Alli Wixom

    guys this video is fake. just make sure your phone is at 70 percent then enable unknown sources. then developer options, then oem unlocking. download kingroot and then root it. if it doesn't work the first time it will definitely work the second! it's fine if the phone restarts, mine did that and I had a mini panic attack lmao. but then I downloaded root checker and found out my LG phone has root! if it doesn't work tell me and I'll try to help you.

  8. teddy alemu

    how to root
    tecno phantom 6 plus

  9. usama awan



    Bro I don't have cwm or TWRP recovery for Xolo era 2 plz replay

  11. Indra Darmawan

    How to root lenovo a6600d40

  12. Eugene Apostle

    how to root my iLLy prime 1?

  13. Aaron John

    I Am Scared That My Phone Willl Be Bricked

  14. มองไม่เห็นเลย

  15. Dibbi Barua

    So I did everything you said you booted the phone then when I press volume down button and the other button nothing happend please help

  16. deden saputra


  17. Rahjan B

    I've got moto g3 that doesnt work

  18. Don Lorenzo

    Yo! I have tried to root my Lenovo k52e78 for a while now,but i cant and it pisses me off !!
    Please help will yah!?

  19. Nguyễn Thuận

    Có bạn nào chưa root dc máy ko..chưa thì vào xem clip bạn này nek..mìnhlàm theo và root dc android 6.0.1 rồi

  20. Abul Bashar

    don,t work vivo y51…fucker..boy

  21. XxMkxMortal13xX

    He looks like he created marvels venom 👍

  22. Set Me Free

    Bro, for TCL 5045T?

  23. Roman Shevchenko

    Я один знаю русский?

  24. hacker

    Work this on 6.0.2 android tab

  25. Sojib Tube Reaction

    not work our tips is very harmful

  26. rilka top

    it is the most stupid video on youtube….. the rooting assume you 1) unlocked bootloader 2) have TWRP installed ….

  27. Valhein Vũ Khí Tối Thượng

    Channel you fake fuck you 🖕🖕🖕

  28. Valhein Vũ Khí Tối Thượng


  29. Mandy

    Ugh, was this in English? I'm so confused

  30. Sparkle

    you shitheads can anyone start from the beginning how can we know what to do first ?

  31. NotricksLP

    Do you already need the Super Su app?

  32. Elite Gamer

    Make a new boatloader unlock pc says "waiting for device".

  33. Jzsemar Souza

    Mora onde?

  34. Tricks 4 You

    I have F670L LG-K10 6.0
    how to root it, bro, i really need it
    please Email me some method

  35. Tech With Us

    Can't work on my Vivo Y53

  36. arshad vp

    Plz make a video of redmi phones. Becos its boot recovery is full Chinese language.

  37. unique toxic

    How to get system recovery ? 😀

  38. Darius Maffett

    Don't fucking work

  39. Leo Arias

    Im pressing the right buttons but doest work…

  40. Fossed Channel


  41. PlayGamerLv GT

    umm u cant root only one device and uts is cats60 please if anyone now whit what root app can roo it i try all king root kingo root and more help!!

  42. gvg vgf

    اشبكم تتكلمون انجليزي ؟؟

  43. Lounis Chefri

    alcatel idol 3 one touch version 6.0.1 Y6045, Pleaaaaaaaaassseee

  44. apensus jntelman


  45. Staceyloves Dvilla

    When people have no fucking clue WTF you're talking about from the 1st minute itself but still watches it lol

  46. sonu ssshh

    How to root lava a97

  47. Nhoxz Minh

    how to root android 6.0 with ( no twrp)

  48. MrPoopy Butthole

    help me do on the zmax z981 it won't work

  49. Wally J

    I subscribed to ur channel for one you speak very clear english and for 2 you dont have crazy loud techno music playing in the back ground like so many of these tutorials do.

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