How To Play PS2 Games On Android! EASY INSTALL ps2 emulator android

How To Play PS2 Games On Android

ps2 Emulator Android

Just wanted to share how to download a PS2 Emulator for your android phone.

Obviously, it’s still in its early stages, but it’s being worked on frequently.

We’re almost there! Soon we’ll be playing PS2 at full speed on our phones, crazy.

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***You will need a .zip app from the Play Store, I recommend 7Zipper, and Simple Unrar. A file manager is also good to have!

PS: Forgive the nasal voice, allergies brah.

– Phone I’m using:


  1. Kaustubh Kumawat

    Hey i didn't get the games in the play !

  2. Justin Lewis

    Can this emulator support PS1 games because I wanna play Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories. Game brings back so much memories 🙂

  3. Crispy Kraken

    500th dislike sorry I had to

  4. Darius Bobo

    im geting it for tekken 5

  5. SuperSaiyan GogePaul

    you fooled me

  6. SuperSaiyan GogePaul

    its not working

  7. Josh 18

    Thank God I still have my ps2

  8. Minol Minol

    How to downlad game prince of persia

  9. Minol Minol


  10. Gerènze Nunoo

    Problems with parsing 😞

  11. Capitan Hazama

    How i can have it?

  12. Engord Berserk

    this play! app is completely suck! badboy shit can't do more strength! you also can play on pc bluestack emu I think the name is.. People can have GTX 90000 series in 2599 but you know this app don't give a crap for emu gamer! and the game won't run smooth till anytime.

  13. Goblin Smecher

    my play apk not working

  14. Ex Creed

    I wanna play Persona 4 and Dbz since i played persona 3 in pspx2

  15. Prabesh Kunwar

    its not work in my device why

  16. Yami Foods

    It won't scan my games

  17. Mega man

    It's not working for me I'm on galaxy S3 Neo

  18. drofoon fit

    i suscribed your chaanel you also please suscribe my chaanel drofoon fit

  19. Siraj Shaikh

    dude my game is not working when i click icon it just black screen help

  20. Adam Gapasangra


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