How to install or update Minecraft PE for Android phone or tablet|Minecraft PE for Android

 Install/Update Minecraft PE for Android Device

Here is an installation guide on Minecraft PE for Android.

Minecraft PE for Android


This little clip will show you how to update or install your minecraft game without paying or waiting for the original update. This is 100% free.


  1. Richell Villanueva

    Okay…WTH I Have The Minecraft Was Download At The Store I NEED LICENES WTF

  2. Richell Villanueva


  3. Salman Sheikh

    it worked

  4. Sarra Yesha

    I can't read it it's blurd -.-…but I did it the anyway??????

  5. classic homemadevids

    Don't do it it has viros

  6. Joro Pulido

    Bro it won't work

  7. Kheyleb Reyes


  8. Mitzie Cortes

    Thanks for making the vid love it

  9. naruto and hinata and Quin Jhehada

    it working thank you ????

  10. naruto and hinata and Quin Jhehada

    No working how pless

  11. Weaked Gaming

    Check this method.

  12. Mohamed Waleed

    Fuck you I did it it said(you don't have a license) wtf

  13. Nicole Francisco

    Great video showed me what to do

  14. Ashadel Alif Fadhilah


  15. Vloomace Agatah

    thank you it work you have a subscribe for me

  16. Exploding TNT

    That's not true I try that

  17. Deniela Bissoon

    Thank you so much I was trying to get the update this really really really helped me a lot

  18. alfred anderson

    hey this is my brother?! I'm Serious

  19. Cyrus Limpahan

    Thank you so much

  20. IceCreamGames Yea

    Quality: AWFUL!


    mines not working;(

  22. AlexaMheleYT Channel

    What recorder you use?

  23. Kees Zuidgeest

    Omg thank you so much! I can finnaly update mcpe! Love from the Netherlands. +a sub and a like! ♡

  24. J F Gamerz

    Thank you so much,im just exited to update my mcpe


    i subcribe

  26. Robert John Agaran

    i cant update my mcpe because i only downloaded it on shareit transfer app

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