How to Install Nexus mods fallout 4 – Manually & with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM)

How to Install Nexus mods fallout 4 – Manually & with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM)

here is a complete guide to nexus mods fallout 4 on How to Install Nexus mods fallout 4 – Manually & with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM).

Nexus mods fallout 4

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  1. Sckoux

    Automatic: 0:00
    Manual: 9:22

  2. lilken69

    when I install mods in NMM and activate them , I don't see any mods in the plugins. am I'm doing something wrong?

  3. PAINT Plays

    Does this way still works

  4. jacob gaming

    Booty **-**

  5. Kerwall Offical Music

    Coyote peterson? Is that you?!?!

  6. dirtnastyish

    Man I have got a lot to learn. I just switched to PC and am totally in the dark. I do want to thank Oxhorn though for inspiring me to make the switch.

  7. A Very Talented Bear

    is there a maximum amount of mods you can have

  8. yan nardes

    your videos saved me thanks and sub!

  9. uwotm8 123

    This has helped me alot thank you ?

  10. Cyro

    i fucking hate the nexus its to complicated can people just use its so much easier

  11. Hammy D

    See I have a few mods some work some dont, but the ones that dont lack textures, for example I have a gun mod and I spawn it in but its invisible, but it still shoots so Im not sure what to do, Ive uninstalled everything and tried reinstalling but it didnt work

  12. Hadmen Yadongplease

    I modded FO4 when it first came out. Stopped when an update made my character permanently invisible. Thinking of getting back into it.

    Do you still have to alter an ini file or something for the mods to work?

    Thanks for your time.

  13. Dan J

    Very thorough and helpful. Clear voice, clear demonstration, imagery plus vocal tuition = best way to help teach people stuff 🙂

    Good job Mr. Oxhorn 🙂

  14. TheCanadianMarvel

    I am having the hardest time manualy installing the Frost simulator game saves. Can anyone help?

  15. Plemith

    does NMM still fuck with install directories

  16. Lucky CharlieHD

    i have a odd problem… i have 2 fallout4 folders… 1 through steam, and one through "My Games"…

  17. wierdmonster233

    How on Earth did you manage to get 361 mods? I was bored out of my mind by the time I finished downloading your F:NV recommended mods. It takes forever!

  18. elite smoothie

    i want to install Fcom commander

    now my brain hurts

  19. Vulcan Niko

    if you favorite a pc mod, can you download it later on xbox?

  20. Jayden Dingo

    So shit you have to pay for it

  21. Tanoink

    I can't find the steam folder thing… ;-;

  22. tunedskillsz

    God you talk so slow. I literally watched it at 2x speed.

  23. Emthesage EMM

    I wanted the mod in the thumbnail but i found a better one, its called pampas set with cbbe body slide you need to install cbbe and bodyslide first, default is black but you can change it to gray and other colors there are many versions of it in the same mod

  24. Flow Gaming

    I dont see anything all i see is weather and all catagories and it says i have no mods installed maybe i just need to watch the full video.

  25. StonedPatriot

    I've been working on modding since last night and still can't seem to get it right. I've decided the graphics mod I want can be taken care of using sweetfx and dynavision, but trying to get enhanced vanilla bodies and unique player bodied to work right is a pain, my dude's shiny! Ugh… not cool. He looks like he's made of wet, smooth rubber. I should be having a gungy decently buff guy… I'm also using SHB.

  26. Nox210

    Hey Ox', do you suppose it would be possible for console players to use something like this in the way that they might enter the (console) mods they wish to use into NMM and use the list it outputs in their play-through?

  27. The No Life Nerd

    What do you do when under "NMM" when activating a mod it says you need to make necessary ini changes to your fallout 4 folder?

  28. Jasuyen

    I need help it won't let me move the files because I need permission

  29. Chris Siu

    Thanks very much oxhorn, very well explained.

  30. Kinky Walrus

    Sounds like woody

  31. you tewb

    what a great tutorial. thank you so much 🙂

  32. Jericho Law

    Useless methof

  33. Duston Meyer

    how do i change the outfits or remove everything? I have a lot of mods but after i install them i have no idea what i have to do to make all the outfits show up. Do i have to use the slider then save it to the fallout 4 folder ? please any help would be great

  34. ItzSparki

    but what if I don't have a textures, scripts, meshes, or materials folder?

  35. Da Hamster

    what happens when my fallout for doesn't have and INI file??

  36. MaddaM Metzo

    The NMM is a really nice tool, but I also recommend LOOT, this program sorts your load order for you correctly. Most of the time you don't have any problems with the load order LOOT will give you, just had some minor difficulties, but then you can still manage it manually.

  37. AnimeShinigami13

    crosses fingers please please please let me not mess this up.

  38. YourPalNova

    It's so much easier than I expected.

  39. HunUck


  40. mester G

    what if the download is an xnb file and not an esp file

  41. Palpatine

    what if its a file folder mod

  42. The Shroud

    I don't quite understand 15:00 onwards… when you paste textures or meshes etc. does it update the textures or does it replace them?!

  43. Anders Enar

    before i ask the stupid qestion of the hour i just want to say that i know nothing about im truing to install mods from the nnm but when the mod is instaled it isent added to the list of in my case non existhing mods making me unable to activate it

  44. Mark81150 Edwards

    Nice ass shot in the thumbnail Ox.. LOL… I'm on the XBOX One..

    Just as well, I have teen kids, so I never leave anything awkward on my XBOX or on my laptop.. yeah I know, in this day and age you can't shield em from much, but I try..

    married late, at 38, waited for Miss right, found her.. so I'm a dad at the age of most kids grandpa's age.. 1st marriage for both of us,.. and 20 years in June. She was worth the wait.

  45. Lucas Jordan

    You need to pay to dowload mods… Fuck NEXUS

  46. Creanzey

    I play on Xbox one, so for me its only to click "download" on whatever i see lol

  47. Boris Bagryanskiy

    You should have split this video into 2, one that is geared towards beginners with the method you think is appropriate as an introduction and a second one, going into more depth and perhaps covering the other method

  48. keith Williams

    hei what can i do wen all my mod textures are invisible wen i install weapons and armor 🙁 what should i do?

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