How to find Wifi Password on Windows 7/8/10

Are you looking for How to find Wifi Password on Windows? it shows you may forget your wi-fi password. Usually, it happens to Everyone. We change our wifi-Router/Modem password, Connect our home or common devices with our wi-fi and then later mostly a couple of months we forget the actual password.

Tip: According to Experts for a Good Safe Internet Security, it is preferred to Change wi-fi Password Once in a Month, It will be more secure if you added a MAC security in your Wireless Device.

It Becomes more Painful when you are in hurry and the password of your own device or any connected devices skip from your memory. It once happened to me when a very close to my friend ask me for wifi password and there was nothing in my mind. So that I worked on it and now I am here for you guys with a guide on How to Recover Saved password from Your Device.

Recover Wifi Password Using Command Prompt


Some Days before I was in an awkward condition when I have to reply some emails and WhatsApp messages on my phone but the internet of my home was not working, It was and I was not willing to disturb my neighbour for wifi favour, Suddenly I remembered that I once connected his wifi with my laptop.

Note: This is not Hacking it’s just a guide to recover/Find wifi Password from windows History.

The Hassle-free way to find your forgotten password in Using Command Prompt. You can Easily use Command Prompt to hack your saved password.

How to find Wifi Password on Windows

Here is the Step By Step Guide Which you have to follow very Carefully if you are serious about Retrieving Wifi Password So That you can Easily Be Connected to any known Network. I was Repeating it again that this is not a hacking guide its just for education purpose to Retrieve your wifi password using Command Prompt.

Find Passwords for Wi-Fi networks You Connected Once

It was so easy to find stored password earlier in windows 7 or the previous Operating Systems. You just have to find stored your wifi profiles which are easily accessible in the section of Network And Sharing Center.

The Latest Operating Systems like Windows 8 and Windows 10 with updated service packs we have to Use Command Prompt.

So let me Explain according to operating Versions.

Find wifi Password in Windows 7 and Earlier

Follow These steps in Windows 7 and earlier to find passwords for known Networks.

Go-to Network and Sharing Center.

Click on Manage Wireless Networks Option in the left Sidebar Area.

Here You will find Multiple Options including the List of the networks We may have Connected Previously.

Here You have to Select The Network name to open its properties.

Network name

In The new Wireless Network Properties Page there will be two options connection and Security, Click On Security.

Click Below on Show Characters Box. It will show you the password of the network in the above box named as “Network Security Key” Field.

Here You Go

Network Security Key


Find Wifi Password on Windows 8 and Windows 10

It is not so simple as windows 7 we can get the wifi password using Wireless Network Properties Page in Windows 8 and Windows 10. You can use commands to retrieve any old passwords in Windows 8 and later.

In This guide, I will let you know step by step with images that how can you find Wifi Password on Windows 8 and Windows 10 using the command prompt.

Right Click on the Start Button

start button




Type “cmd”



Type This Command

"netsh wlan show profiles"


After this, You’ll get a listing of all of the wireless networks you have got joined via your computer.
it ‘ll show the user profile

Now to locate the password of one of the network profiles, type the command that you are following. Make sure to update profile name with the name of the profile.

“netsh wlan show profile name=profilename key=clear”
You need to detect the “key content” line which is the password of the wireless network.

Now, go there

have the password to the wi-fi network you are linked. The profile might be stored, no matter what. This is incredible for finding passwords for networks which you joined in advance and want the password later.

Find Current Wi-Fi Network’s Password in Windows

sometimes we lost the password of our current Wi-Fi network-  the one we are connected to. then it’s not diffiult to find. you just need to follow some these baby steps to find the password of the current Wi-Fi network. it’s quite easy to follow
Windows will store the password of our Wi-i networks which can get comparatively easy

on the first step, you need to Click on the small Wi-Fi icon that occurred in the taskbar

then click on ” Open Network and Sharing Center”.

Now, click on the name of your current Wi-Fi network that you are connected to. My network’s SSID is AtomicFrags.

same as above, 2nd step is easy too. in this step you need to click on the Wireless Network Properties. then move to the second tab named security, you can see the option of network security key, check the next box “Show Characters”.

you have your password with you. it’s quite simple and easy as you can see, you ‘ll get your lost password just in some seconds.
What if all fails? – Reset your router

sometimes the family member or someone else was changed the password then you may fail to find your password.

here a little step that you need to follow, reset your router and connect to the wireless network through the default password by the router processor.

If you’re using a PPPoE connection like many of us do, you should call to your internet provider company for the connection of username and password. It will take some time to configure the connection and in case you want to skip all these steps, you could connect your router to a desktop and then reset your password.


That is how you could find your wireless network password on any windows pc easily. I’ve recorded every possible method for every window. I personally use windows 10 and that I want to use the Command Prompt to find some other wireless password.

let us know your valuable feedback either is it helpful or not, share this and follow us on twitter, facebook. Share with us if you found any other way to find Wi-Fi passwords on Windows.

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