How to bust a catfish reverse image search

How to bust a catfish Reverse Image Search


The girl in the thumbnail is niki sims aka niki next door whose pics sometimes used by catshers
This video teaches you how to reverse image search to make sure
you are not being catfished
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and remember honesty is the key to being happy
who filmed this?
Tori AKA catsrull
what editor was used?
Windows movie maker
I made on music jam maker
what program I used to record a screen cast
screencast o matic
what my twitter?
how to contact me for business opportunities?
Business e-mail only catsrull@yahoocom
no fan mail will be read if sent to this address
please leave all fan mail, questions, comments or request
in the YouTube messages or comments thanks for watching
disclaimer all thoughts and opinions are my own I am not
affiliated with any of the products or companies mentioned in this video


  1. sugafoot60 beauty

    Can you like redo this sober, and not preoccupied. This is information people really want. I'm more confused then when I started

  2. ToLame ForAName

    i don't understand fuck of what you'r saying xd beter type if you can't talk so people can understand xd

  3. aaron Hazel

    I need to find out who someone is but having no luck

  4. Rob

    thanks for the help :))))

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