Fusion Android C-13 and Super Buu (Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 mod)

Fusion Android C-13 and Super Buu

super android 13

Android 13 merges with C-14 and C-15 and then he performs the potaras fusion with Super Buu to fight Gogeta and the Z-Warriors (DBZ Tenkaichi 3 Mod).


Super Bou et Super C-13 fusionnent avec les potaras au cours d’un combat contre Gogeta (Fusion de Gok et Vegeta), Petit Coeur et Songohan (Mod de Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3).


Pelea fusion de Super C13 y Super Buu contra Gogeta, Pikoro y Son Gohan nino.

Super Androide 13 se fusionan con Super Buu en el juego Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.


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Video made for entertainement purpose.

Musics Used : Blast off to Glory by Media Right Productions, Get There by Silent Partner, Flying Free by Jingle Punks and Ghost Cop by Dougie Wood (Free Songs from the Youtube Audio Library).

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 © Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio/Shueisha, Toei Animation.
Publisher : NAMCO BANDAI
Distributed by Atari Europe


  1. tui gogu nunes

    ta legau

  2. Nestor ACT30

    2:22 Goku y Vegeta

    3:12 Majin Buu y Androide #13

  3. Seth Martinez

    Fusion at 3:20

  4. Ana Aide Enrique

    Ooooo super Gogeta murió

  5. Delvair Alves Batista

    que potalha ele usa

  6. Luis gabriel Quizhpi calle

    como me gustarían que salgan capitulos dé db con las funciones de todos montruos y sayayines

  7. jonny jonny

    the second song name please

  8. Walisson Turles

    muito legal

  9. Arber Hasko

    1 question please… how to you make charachters such strong? I mean they do so much dmg

  10. khris Bonilla

    they are powerfull

  11. Ussama XD

    como se descarega

  12. Goku SSJ DIOS

    Like Buena Fusion

  13. Luiz Marques dos Santos Marques

    bardoki com goku

  14. youry mouzawak

    how can you do MOD

  15. Muhammad Adnan Saleem

    do toppo and jiren

  16. ไปรทัศน์ มณฑล


  17. Osez José

    Fusion at 3:10

  18. King Mewtwo

    Turles and Raditz fusion!

  19. Emmanuel Amalu

    the android is sopost to die in the water

  20. zeal459

    it's majin blue

  21. Zyrus Smith

    What does the C in C-13 stand for please?


    muy buen video me encanto

  23. Rockston Noray


  24. Dracky .I.

    Broly fusion Li shenron

  25. Steven Lopez


  26. Apon Masud

    call me

  27. Gabriel Trejo

    Como puedo tener tu mod

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