FonePaw Android Data Recovery Guide

FonePaw Android Data Recovery

Here is a complete FonePaw Android Data Recovery Video Guide.

By chance miss some information on your Android? FonePaw Android Information Restoration is an efficient piece of software program that may detect and get well deleted or misplaced recordsdata from Android units, all inside a user-friendly interface that is trouble-free and pleasing to navigate. Coupled with its highly effective information restoration capability and a number of Android OS model and units compatibility, it may very well be the must-have instrument to get again your Android information.

Right here is the obtain hyperlink:

———-Assist Units———–
• Samsung Galaxy S6 edge • Samsung Galaxy Observe Edge • Samsung Galaxy S6 • Samsung Galaxy Observe four • Samsung Galaxy S5 • Samsung Galaxy Observe three • Samsung Galaxy S4

• HTC One M9 • HTC Need EYE • HTC One M8 • Droid DNA by HTC

• Moto X • Moto E • Moto G

• LG G3 • LG G Flex • LG G2

• Xperia Z3 L55t/L55u • Xperia Z1 L39h • Xperia Z2 L50t/L50u • Xperia Z Extremely XL39h

• Ascend P6 • Ascend Mate 7 • Ascend P7 • Ascend G7

———-Supported Information———–
Textual content Content material
• Contacts • Messages • Name Logs • Message Attachment

Media Information
• Images • Movies • Audios


Please watch: “Learn how to Get well Deleted Images from Android Telephone”


  1. ThiZaL FernAndO

    What about owerwritten videos..all deleted videos didnt recovered..I think those are can I recover owerwritten videos..plz help me..


    I want to get back whatsapp messages older than 8months.
    So can I get ????
    But I don't want to root my phone.
    Without rooting, any solution ???

  3. JpopKARAOKE

    I don't want to root my phone, what a nonsense :/ sorry, but this programm is useless.

  4. anam siddiqui

    I tried to recover deleted messages by using trial version of fonepaw but it only showed me the messages which are not deleted…it dint show me deleted message which I want to recover

  5. Qutaipa assaf

    I tried many times but it doesn't work

  6. maurah rkt

    my phone is already root, but it's not working

  7. BaAsher Bash

    I try it but its prompt on phone to accept for root.and I don't want to root it.Is there any other solution in trail I can see the data?

  8. Diego minor 7th

    Do you have to pay to get your recovered files?

  9. _ _ScRoLL2


  10. Iksha Nepal

    cant i recover my data in a trial version..whats the point of the trial if i cant do what its supposed to do? :/

  11. Big Baller Brand

    i have a popup saying "how do you want to open this website" that wont disappear

  12. Elly Chan

    Mine stays 0% ._. Is that normal?

  13. Retriever

    Does it work if the phone has Knox?

  14. francisco j gomez garcia

    THANKS FRIEND excellent contribution.

  15. Dreamliner_MotoVid

    Hi i have a asus zenfone 2 ze551ml unrooted. It can't find the lost data 🙁

  16. sonu yash

    I performed many factory reset can I recover my files through this process . Please suggest me

  17. Marvel Oyetoro

    do i have to root my phone for this?

  18. Sullen Sigh


  19. Zeee Zaint

    hello, can i use data recovery option in free trial mode?

  20. Sandy Donny

    The guide about how to enable USB debugging is simple and clear, thanks!

  21. Sandy Donny

    The guide about how to enable USB debugging is simple and clear, thanks!

  22. Gemmar Gem

    I just remember I had accidentally deleted some important text messages in my phone few weeks ago, and it’s been a while so I wonder if I can still get them back. Anyway, can this software recover my deleted messages only even though they’ve probably been overwritten?

  23. Aileen Salazar

    I'm testing the free trial, checking if it works and all, it does seem to work, but I can't recover the files at the end. Why is that? I don't want to pay something that does not work

  24. Robin Eaton-Glover

    Can this be done on a recent old phone when the new phone has the same number?
    I just purchased a new phone with same number.
    Could I recover old text on the phone that no longer has the service?

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