Nexus mod manager fallout 4: Nexus Mod Manager Installation and Basics

Fallout 4 Modding: Nexus Mod Manager Installation and Basics

Here is the complete nexus mod manager fallout 4 installation video.

Installation, set-up and basics functions including downloading and activating mods for Fallout 4 using Nexus Mod Manager.

To enable modding for Fallout 4, please refer to Gopher’s excellent video on the subject:

Nexus Mods: Fallout 4 Armor Mods


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  1. Pug Wizard

    It won't let me log in

  2. francisco hanache

    I tried downloading the legacy cause I have xp and it's only scanning other games that aren't fallout 4. I can't download the other nexus mm because it has I need an internet update that I can't get lol what should I do?

  3. Rick and/or Morty

    From pleb to plz in 16 minutes, thank you.

  4. RedMoth27 Bazinga

    Great video DWM

  5. Its CyraxYT

    Thanks a lot !

  6. Forest Night

    It says "You have no Fallout 4 INI file. Please run the Fallout 4 before installing mods or turning on Archive Invalidation" The thing is that I've ran Fallout 4 before.

  7. Hairy Limey

    (Sigh) i got about 6 minutes in and then all i could hear was blah blah techno babble techno babble blah blah oh well i'll just have to use Bethesda's limited range.

  8. gameste


  9. ZippyPlays

    i got this error message "Unable to get write permissions for:
    C:GamesNexus Mod ManagerFallout4install info" did anyone else get this? suggestions?

  10. Arne Van Damme

    You deserve more views man, this video really helped me. Thx!

  11. Steve The cheese

    I created a account but it does not show up WTF

  12. Victor Gonzalez

    thx :3

  13. TheLargecars

    breh i am not gonna bullshit ive been searching for hours on how to fix a bug I was having and ur tutorial was kickass and seems to have solved my issue thank fuck there are ppl like u guys that post this stuff for the not so tech savy individual

  14. Jonas Massie

    oh my god kill me your so slow it is painful

  15. Jonas Massie

    you so slow at talking its anoying

  16. Bishal Gurung

    when i installed mod manually it said check for missing/ outdated download ID's function to retrieve the content. Now what?

  17. 3D interior

    HELP HELP PLS!! Tell me how to deal with conflict by and the Nexus, the infection does not work on the optimization of modes, such as Westlend and color maps, cuts down all the time check on that before going properly? .. I put up 200 mods, and all was ok, FPS excellent ..but after update and install new 3 DLS all flew to hell .. I mean some modification, some ignore and crashes through the time .. Reverting to lower version did not help..(( As always all through one place provides! .. I do not want to reInslall aLLLLLLLLLLLL aain and again..

  18. Trippytrev

    thanks once again dirty weasel

  19. Carbon-Monoxide

    How do you set up the Multi- Hd instal? I'm confused on the required link below the Multi-HD instal

  20. RK1993

    excellent video! Thank you so much!

  21. Clever Gaming

    It says Unable to get write permissions for:C:GamesNexus Mod ManagerFallout 4Install info


  22. Sweet Lion

    How do i get all options from advanced mods when reinstalling a mod without going back to the nexsus page to download it again?

  23. Gary Cico

    HI Cal, found this to be very good. One thing we can do now is drag from desktop also like in MO. Just a thought. Enjoy

  24. manuel acosta

    Do you know if MO is working to make FO4 compatible with MO I prefer MO

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