Fallout 4 armor mods: Installing Mods using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) **UPDATED**

Fallout 4 Armor Mods

Here is an excited fallout 4 armor mods.


fallout 4 armor mods Installation Guide

A guide to installing mods using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) for the PC version of Fallout 4.

You will need to add the following lines to the Fallout4Prefs.ini file below the section marked [Launcher]:


You will need to add the following line in Fallout4Custom.ini:


Useful Links:

Nexus Wiki Guide: http://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Fallout_4_Mod_Installation

FALLOUT 4: Installing Mods on PC (MANUALLY) :


NEXUS MOD MANAGER: Beginner’s Guide – Introduction :


NEXUS MOD MANAGER: Beginner’s Guide #1 – Install, Setup and Update :


NEXUS MOD MANAGER: Beginner’s Guide #2 – Installing and Removing mods : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGCbvXIbHw8&index=3&list=PLE7DlYarj-DdGbu7-Chui4ZQuZZCGbpWl

** UPDATED ** For a better method of Archive Invalidation


  1. MaxoscosDM

    Thank you veeeeery much, sir. You did a wonderful job at briefly explaining that topic. And it worked out for me, first try. There are way too much videos about modding n' stuff, which are clearly too complicated, too long or just not very well executed. You got it.

  2. Benjamin Nielsen

    i dont have fallout4.ini!!!

  3. Fallout Mods & let's play

    can someone help me i try to drag it to mod nexus it doesn't let me place it at all,also same as using the plus button it doesn't show anywhere in my desktop

  4. Papa Chanka

    Thanks but no fucking thanks. I’ve spent 3 FUCKING days trying to fucking fix fallout 4. The mods won’t fucking work and I’ve watched this video so many fucking times that I’m probably 90% of all the views you made on this video. It’s not fucking working and I have no fucking idea why. As you can tell IM REALLY FUCKING PISSED BECAUSE ITS NOT FUCKING WORKING. Can you just fucking screen scare with me so you can fucking figure out what the fuck I’m doing wrong

  5. Floor Skin

    Didn't work sadly

  6. T0XiiCKiTTEN

    i literally have none of these folders he is talking about. I have no "My games" folder.

  7. Seth

    Helped a ton! Thanks!

  8. Seth Mullins

    I don't even have a launcher setting

  9. Tomás Silva

    When I open steamapps has nothing but a file saying: " libraryfolders" I mean, help?


    if any noobs me ask how to start modding i say watch this
    and go away!

  11. Westinpeace

    Thanks, Bawsss.

  12. CraftTim33 - Old Channel

    @Gopher i dont have the Fallout4Custom.ini file

  13. Samuel Mendoza

    Why cant i like your video more than once

  14. eric blood

    Thanks for your videos! I watched 2 of them, & they got me going full bore! Now I've got lots'a mod's running & more to come! The game is sooo much better! Had originally felt like I'd wasted my money! I don't feel like that anymore! I hope I can find a way to donate to some of the Modders!

  15. myles samonset

    Will you do a mod manager version of this video?

  16. Christopher Wells

    thank you for making this video

  17. Zachary Hilton

    Gopher your the best

  18. Elwyn Whitehead

    Thanks man, works perfectly!

  19. CrusadingSamurai

    Do I no longer need to edit the strings line in the archive section of the fallout 4 file?

  20. Forgetful Hatter

    thought we had to edit the plugin.txt or something.
    must of been for an older version…glad thats gone…it was…awkward.

  21. Matthew Demers

    Thank you for this man you get 4 subs on my alt accounts

  22. vinrow

    jho tnx so match it really helped <3

  23. Oskar Kristiansson

    this video literaly made my life better.
    cus now nexus mods arent off limits to me 😀 ty you have my (for now) undying thanks.

  24. zepled112


  25. warrior100girl

    i only have Fallout4prefs.ini in the folder

  26. Josh

    Can mods clash with each other?

  27. Josh

    Every time i install a mod, my game wont load

  28. Red Axolotl

    Tbh,My spine gets "Excited" For getting a new game. And this made it literally leap out of my body with excitement. But im an axolotl so i can regrow my spinal cord. Also thanks. ~Axolotl

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