How To Download Any Nintendo DS Game On Android

How To Download Any Nintendo DS Game On Android (NDS EMULATOR)

Here is complete video on How To Download Any Nintendo DS Game On Android (NDS EMULATOR)

ds emulator for android

What’s up YouTube today I will show you how to download and play any Nintendo ds game on your android device so I hope you enjoy the video and if you do PLEASE HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON AMD THE LIKE BUTTON AMD CLICK THE BELL 🔔 TO GET NOTIFIED

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  1. Drake Guynn

    Just get an app of Drastic lol


    I use instead

  3. Julian Hernandez

    Your awsome



  5. where is my hat? ??

    How much GB or MB does it take

  6. raj kumar

    pokemon xd

  7. Isaiah Gideon

    If u dont have money to buy the drastic ——-> choose the Drastic APK License removed V XD

  8. PyroManiac

    You can get DraStic for free. You can get almost anything for free for Android. Goto this website: and scroll all the way down until you see a download button that says," Download full apk". Don't click any other download button as it is just an ad and will download some malware onto your phone. So make sure you go all the way done and click the, " Download full apk" download button.

    Like I was saying before, you can get any app on Android for free. Simply goto into your security settings and turn on "Unknown Sources". Don't worry, if you download the APK's properly, you will not get any virus whatsoever on your phone. Once you have turned on Unknown Sources open your internet browser on your phone ( Google, Firefox or whatever you have) and search the name of your app and after the name of the app, write "apk". Most of the time the first link is the best one. For example, for the DraStic apk, I simply searched, " DraStic apk" and hit enter. I clicked the first website and Voila! Free paid app.

    You can get almost every single app for free with this method ( 99% of the time ). However, you have to be careful you don't download any apks from shady websites as they will either give you something in place of the app, such as malware or something more dangerous, or they will give you the app with some malware and you wouldn't even know. Some malware can go as bad as turning your phone off right when you click it. Not to mention the people who implanted the virus can also look at your personal information if they have the right virus installed on your phone.

    Most of the time apk's are used for games. A site I recommend is, "". I have never had any trouble when downloading a apk from their website. However, just like any other apk website, they will have ads that have a download button on them. has their download button at the very bottom of their website and under the download button there are user ratings. So make sure you don't click on the wrong one as it can potentially harm your phone, or simple make you download a useless software that you don't need, resulting in you deleting it after waiting for it to install, wasting your time.

    If you read everything above and all the way down here, thank you! If you found my comment helpful, please leave a like on it so others can see as well. The reason I even posted this comment was because I found comments saying that people could not afford the app so please like this so others can see or simply repost this as a reply to them. Or you can reply to them based off this information on your own. Either way, have a great and wonderful time not paying for apps!

  9. Jezza Lenko

    Well ya probably made that app developer rich…

  10. Bobby Schmurda

    Aptoid. Free playstore

  11. Piper

    You suck at speaking stop studdering

  12. skating hippo's

    people like this have to much money so dont understand the value not everyone can go around spending 5 bucks everyhere cause that will add up but he he dont need to worry about that

  13. Leni leni

    can you tell how to trade a pokemon with using this emulator pls my kadabra need to evolve into Alakazam….

  14. Sūru RPG

    Darn that sucks the free ones sucks 🙁
    welp time too wait for christmas

  15. DaríoS

    Can I transfer pokemon to other android ?!?!

  16. "That's what"

    – She

  17. Exadus Games

    Download Nintendo DS Games
    Descargar Rooms DS

  18. WilliamGamerPlays 100

    Use aptiode if you want the app for free!!!

  19. Myles Primm

    Sweet video…but it didn't work…any suggestions??

  20. LANCE _36-gamer

    The better is

  21. SuppaSoda

    What file is it in?

    For free

  23. I am using that emulator too ^_^

  24. OKI Gaming

    does it have superspeed

  25. Zla Ka

    Hey one question… where do i find my downloaded games??


    Not free








    U can get it free on aptoid

  31. niranjan Rahul


  32. MiCL JOE

    Thanks bro. I got an idea to download nds pokemon roms

  33. dawn lolly

    It said failed

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