How To Connect Android Phone To Computer as Storage Device

How To Connect Android Phone To Computer

Here is the complete video tutorial about connect android to pc on How To Connect Android Phone To Computer as Storage Device.

Connect Android to PC

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In this video I will show you how to connect you android phone to your computer as a storage device an transfer music, pictures, videos, ringtones and any data you want between your phone and computer.

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  1. Qi Huna

    I just used another cable OTHER than the one Galaxy gave me, in fact this cable is from my Cam video……..AND NOW……EVERYTHING IS WORKING PERFECT!!

    **CHANGE THE DAMN CABLE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Qi Huna

    Phone is a GALAXY J7 (2017)

  3. Silent Anons

    Guys how to u connect android phone to tv? I mean just like screen mirroring? Please😭i wanna play game

  4. yahia shaker

    Thanks work 100%

  5. Vincent Chippewa

    Can't pair. my l g spree with Logitech bluetooth headphones

  6. Allen Blaise

    my Nextbook is the biggest pile of shit Ive ever used. There is NO option ANYWHERE to enable USB storage, and my PC will not reconize it. I cannot download FREE apps without a payment option. Internet works like shit. Truly awful device, borderline worthless.

  7. ทองจุล ขันขาว

    Thank you. It works.

  8. Bugalybugalyboo

    it dint work for me i have a lg k4 2017

  9. Janusz Kurahenowski

    Here is the simplest solution, just use different usb cable, worked for
    me. The wrong one charged the phone, but i had no option to choose
    activity (transfering files, charging etc.) Check it before doing
    anything fancy

  10. kislany123

    Except when your Samsung Galaxy has no Developer Options by default and you have to find yet another video to see how to enable that option…

  11. hnnurul hashem

    why my usb is unshowd

  12. Ben Parkinson

    get to the point

  13. penny Fitzgerald

    its hard

  14. Dishank Biyani

    pc is not detecting my phone but when I try other phone then it detect but why my PC is not detecting my phone

  15. Dishank Biyani

    I try all things but nothing work for me what I do I need to flash stock rom in my intex aqua Q3 plzz help

  16. DossoOG90

    I get an error saying "windows cannot access blah blah blah Check the spelling of the name otherwise there might be a problem with your network error code 0x80070035"

  17. Messiah's Love

    That's I605, it looks like a one but is an i (i605).

  18. Pasquale Tamburino

    I had lost all hope that I would be able to transfer VERY important photos to my PC. YOU solved my problem. THANKS!!

  19. Kenneth Bohl

    yap yap yap fuck me get to the point

  20. Devendra Patle

    not connecting

  21. Devendra Patle

    not connecting

  22. Diwas pokhrel

    not working.. i changed the cable too

  23. Trevor Mitchell

    What a mess….please don't post again


    Can I connect t-mobile note 3 with this method


    mine still isnt working

  26. Maria Gerges


  27. Astrid Dragonforest


  28. jjhollier

    I don't have any of these options on my phone.

  29. sarahe elsayed

    Thank you very much! there is just one problem. when i go on to the file DCIM there are zero items in the folder. What should i do next. By the way i have a motorola phone. PLEASE help!!

  30. Lacey Sampson

    OMG thank you!!!

  31. Abdullah Attah

    Not working

  32. Superboy143 mst

    300th like

  33. GamePlayWithNolan

    I have been trying to do this for hours and finally someone found out how to do it. Thank you!

  34. Anthonie Jade


    ps: if your phone does not show developers options on settings.
    go to
    Step1:go to about phone
    step2:find build number
    step3:tap it a couple times then go back to settings. it should work! 😀

  35. Minecraft trickster

    u got the same phone as my sis

  36. Alejandro Barotas

    I have the same problem . I am using OPPO A37 and I tried downloading updated drivers but nothing happened it keeps on installing the driver an I can access my files through USB in my laptop

    please help ..thanks

  37. whittered

    I still see nothing on my PC, help me out please…

  38. Moulik Kunwar

    in my laptop the device is also not showing up

  39. ViewVideoTours

    This did the trick with my Samsung Galaxy S4!….THANK YOU!!!!

  40. Chentha SOK


  41. Roan Kuijsters

    theres no developers settings on my phone 6.0.1

  42. Crystal Kelly

    Hey, thanks for the video – and showing us your cool taste in ringtones 🙂 I have a weird unknown android phone, it doesn't have debugging options, however, under "More" there is an option called "USB Internet" and even with my cable plugged in it is not highlighted so I can't click on it.

  43. BjSo Clean

    what about a 7 model

  44. chrysabra

    did same step didnt work for me it works fine for others but it figures what the hell?

  45. Jane Awingan

    hi! how about for android 4.4.2 OPPO A11w cant find usb debugging..

  46. [GD] Yegeton

    dont work for Galaxy core prime

  47. Batman

    Guess what, didn't work.

  48. Antonio Sullivan

    doenst work

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