andy android emulator tutorial: say goodbye to bluestacks!

Andy emulator tutorial: say goodbye to bluestacks!

This video is all about andy android emulator.

andy android emulator

Andy emulator Tutorial

In this video im gonna introduce you to a new android emulator called Andy. Im also going to show you how to get it up and running with your android apps.

Link to download


  1. StealthyMods GTA

    memu is better

  2. RedHotChilleyDog Gamer

    Thanks I can play goat simulator mobile or MINECRAFT PE

  3. RedHotChilleyDog Gamer

    I recorded windows 10 for Andy because 10 is up-to-date

  4. RedHotChilleyDog Gamer

    Try hayday or teamlava first

  5. Umeria Chan

    don´t download andy, virus confirmed, andy download page:

  6. Kelvin Maundu

    Andy is piece of shit..downloaded and installed the application but it does not even start.crap

  7. code cardinal

    4 of them

  8. code cardinal

    andy has viruses

  9. césar vicente

    installed andy, takes forever to install, installs riskware and programs you don't need and consumes a huge amount of resources. UI is garbage and deleted the app after 5min, screw you video poster and all the jackasses promoting this shit software.

  10. andy emulator sound eat so much cpu!

  11. Jarrar Shah

    MEMU is better than this.

  12. DieserCoookie

    My Anti-Virus Programm screamed, so i didnt installed it.

  13. Harry Burkitt

    is this too intense for my pc like Bluestacks was?

  14. Dustin dalessandro

    could not login to google on blue stacks now it was useless so i got andy

  15. KHan ji ji


  16. blender mind

    no recomiendo este emulador android >(andy) EN ABSOLUTO, UNNINSTALL OTHER PROGRAMS WITHOUT ANSWERS
    I don't recommend this android emulator at all

    bluestacks works very well.


  17. Noah Swarbrick

    how do I save&quit?

  18. Austin Balmer

    cool dude i hope the installer doesnt crash like ythe other one did

  19. Fadh Hz

    The only reason im here is to know where to find the clean version of Andyroid. Please ping me up if u know.

  20. Penguin Plays

    When I got to the link, and got a warning saying there was malware, so I ask everyone to stop downloading Andy. It will keep your computer safer.

  21. Nightmare the Skeleton

    Mine be to slow and it say dat it not responding… :((((((((((((((((((((((

  22. 권상혁

    you got 20k did you get silver button?

  23. [BoiyoSquad] tGamer

    For some reason Andy doesn't start right after download, and it didn't put it on my desktop. What's the file name and which file is it in?

  24. MastaX

    How do we change the resolution on andyroid?

  25. MrDarkHasCookies

    ignore all comments below this video (but read this 1 you cunts lol). You will be doing yourself a favor. Everyone has problems with this, get the fuck over it and be happy we got something like this. Also it's basically another operating system so if you have a 150$ shitty ass laptop then yeah it's gonna be really slow. If you have a good computer like myself and can take up how much ram and cpu power it uses then it runs like the fuckin flash. Also people saying it has viruses are probably someone who went to a unofficial website to download it or downloaded a bunch of random shit inside Andy and broke the shit out of it.

  26. Nicolas Trujillo

    hey man i know its a bit old but anyways do you know any way of opening andy twice at the same time i mean two virtual machines running?
    thanks by the way

  27. Shadow Gaming

    Andy is a Virus Don't Download it
    If you download Andy I need to say something
    Good Luck Removing your Virus!
    Like so people will be warned

    Edit: Goodbye Andy you will be miss 🙁

  28. Aaron Vaughn

    ur bad kid

  29. Himal Subedi

    he can u make a video playing sniper vs thieves in andy. specially sniper it is very hard to shoot playing as sniper

  30. John Bastian Bolhano

    My ZoneAlarm anti virus treat Andy as a Virus

  31. Red Eye Gameing

    Is Andy Emulator A Viurs before i download it!

  32. D3W

    Is andy safe for my computer? I dont wanna risk it

  33. Ginni

    DOnt use andy
    it install a ton of bloatwares and shit on your computer after installation.
    Fuck this app

  34. AdrianGames

    shit shit shit shit shit shit bluestacks is 100x better

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