Here is a complete video tutorial about the android head unit: THEY MADE IT Really BETTER?

Android head unit


The android head unit is one of the all-time favorite mods for my car. A huge upgrade over stock, and a nice bump from what i came from. Loving it!

I was able to find a 5 percent coupon code: AFFSC-3555-KJ6ZN-FYNL

Check it out here
My head unit:

One of the latest one I recommend:


  1. Tom Kaos [Official]

    Or just take the Easy way- Tablet + Obd2 Blutooth + Dashcommand = you dont need all the other stupid shit.

  2. Ron Ross

    is this a standard double din size? if not can you get all the features in a double din?

  3. nofearastig

    Im planning to buy this HU…but first can u make a video or show a picture how the reverse video looks like??? please….

  4. Gregory Ray

    Do you know if this is available for my 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer? I looked on the Seicane link that you provided and didn't see any listed.

  5. Pioquinto Gonzalez

    I have a 2012 Hyundai Accent would you recommend this unit or the Panlelo unit? Thanks

  6. Shawn Jones

    So my note 8 is still way faster. I'll stick with it.

  7. Tom Blizzard

    This looks great, but NONE of these android units seem to have a provision for SIRIUS Satellite radio :/

  8. Jordan Terrell

    Will this fit my 2017 86?

  9. Jaron Varga

    Hey man, I was thinking about picking this up for my 2015 sti. And on the website, when I click add to cart it gives a bunch of other options for added $$. I was just wondering if any of them are necessary, if so which ones? Thanks man!

  10. The Most Ariel

    You’ve help me make up my mind. Will be looking into this for my mitsubishi.

  11. josh aguirre

    Will this fit a 16 brz?

  12. dreamrealitysyndrome

    Can it root?

  13. Diego Fernando

    Hey! Is it possible to root? Do you know if this is compatible with HONDA CIVIC 2012~2015? Thanks buddy!

  14. Genome0001

    Any issues with the vents with this model?

  15. RobQc

    I would likd to know if you can still listen to regular radio stations or would you need a web or internet radio ?

  16. EvaUnit03

    John. I have your first android hu(panlelo 4.4.2 model) when you upgrade to this one (which I already want to upgrade lol) is the wiring for thr previous Android, same towards this one? Need any additional wiring?

  17. Brownie's Gunsmithing

    I bought a unit that is a 4.4 Android last year and was hopeful to have it connect via a hotspot and after 2 weeks the hotspot failed. are these new units better now? I don't want to buy another to be disappointed.

  18. jaminx2

    Good review. Anyone install a android head unit on a 2017 wrx with Harman Kardon???

  19. Carlos Linzon

    Hey man my head unit finally came in and I love it! But how did you get the ac vents to fit?? (I have a 2015 wrx base model)

  20. Jonathan Schaumloeffel

    How come you didn't go with the GCS Octacore Android headunit on Subiespeed's website? Just curious.

  21. Jeffrey Nolt

    Hello @john nguyen is this a universal stereo or just for subarus?

  22. Thomas Wai Pun

    What is the sound quality? I am concerning my 17 Forster Starlink really suck. even with the sparker upgrade.

  23. mordecai0815

    Hey mate, I love your vids! Would you tell me your current recommendation for a GT86 radio + parts/looms i need to make it work? Is there an android 7 Version yet? Keep these vids coming! Regards from Germany, Daniel

  24. Swankyburger

    What's up brotha, any way I can DM you about this product? Having some issues. Can't seem to find anyone to help

  25. Swankyburger

    whats up bro, my FM AM isnt working, there are also 2 plug ins that look like they fit into the FM AM

  26. Jesus Aguirre

    How did u get the 7.1 version ?

  27. Lord09a

    How's the startup time during a cold-start?

  28. Justin G.

    Android Auto compatible?

  29. Dai Thach

    no Google Play Music App?

  30. rellik187redrum

    So this screens just sit over the double din opening?

  31. Marko Bakija

    hello John does it work on xv 2016 ? tnx from croatia

  32. atomizer plus

    looks interesting!! cool !!

  33. Fame1418

    does it come with android auto

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