Android Double Din car unit Review

Android Double Din car unit Review

android car stereo


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  1. J. Dixon

    ive lost th e stylus pen for mine im unable to calibrate mine after having some charging issues with my car, now my screen just has the plus sign and calibrate at the top of the screen any ideas how i could calibrate it without the factory pen? ive bought literally 7 diff ones and none of them seem to work

  2. Elite Titanium

    Can you use iPhone

  3. michaelsanchez981981

    Hey is this stereo loud & what is the max volume on it ?

  4. Richard Pratt

    The next time you say 'go ahead and..' I will go ahead and ruin your face. Then you can go ahead and watch while I go ahead and grab the shovel, and ah, go ahead and bonk your head it.

    Are you reiterating that because you're afraid that people will “go backwards” or “go sideways”?

  5. Jose C Fernandez

    Thank you, Zephyrnix, really helpful. Do you still have that unit in your car?

  6. gordon

    Hi.  Great video.  Does it have OK Google?

  7. 20jonnyboy

    I am trying to find info about this car radio. I own a 2004 Audi A6 4b 2.5 TDI avant quattro.
    I am wondering will this radio fit perfectly in my car from the old navigation system??

  8. klintous

    Quick question. When on Bluetooth will the name from the caller or text message pop up? I date around, but I would hate it that information pops up if I get a text message or phone call from another girl….

    Thanks in advanced!

  9. whiskydog777

    avoid these stereos they're pure junk, mine stopped working after 3 weeks, upto then it had been next to useless but looked nice in the dash. poor radio reception, apps crash and freeze, it gets stuck in a boot loop. All these issues required the unit being reset and eventually the glass beside the reset button cracked. Do not buy!

  10. Aza zel

    Does it fits seat ibiza 6L?

  11. Mr Unthinkable

    "down town abbey" lmao.

    downTON abbey

  12. stonent

    Does it do HD digital radio?

  13. Christian Ryan

    review after review after review I watch, nobody ever goes into the NAVI and talks about how well it works or if it works at all. really would appreciate more info on that.

  14. Schuyler Olivier

    I Got A Question can i put my spotify on this ?

  15. D A

    How did you hookup the steering wheel control?

  16. Chuck Norris

    umm uh ahh umm uh huh, jk good video man

  17. espiripitiflautico agapito pelayo

    Someone has been able to operate the steering wheel controls, or how they connected. Ha and another thing my gps is beautiful IGO PRIMO, but the problem begins if I have the gps and the music detects insufficient memory some solution.

  18. TurboChargedDad

    I really liked you until you started with that WindoZe talk.

  19. Rob James

    hows the boot-up?

  20. macViLL

    I know this is a year old, but I'm looking at getting one of these stereos. Your Samurai Champloo music caught my attention. I love that song! Good review.

  21. Rafael Efrain Godinez Fariñas

    i need the firmware oh this

  22. Cool Ruler

    How does google maps work, does it pull data from your phone? I'm interested in this

  23. Rob Evans

    curious why a Windows based unit would be better?


    please please how do I get YouTube to work

  25. Henry Padilla

    Hey, do u still have this radio?

  26. Nicholas Llewellin

    Can you program the Navi button to use a different navigation app say "Here maps" for example ?


    big bro I got the unit but I can't get YouTube to work I can browse videos but can't get it to play videos

  28. Nemo Guevara

    What are the life spans on these

  29. Snowleopard Snow

    السلام عليكم يا ابو الوليد عندي سؤال لو تكرمت شاشة رودروفر تعلق كثير معاي شنو الحل ؟ وشكرا

  30. Review Guy

    Looks like a great system, im actually really wanting to update my stereo. I have the old version of the touch screens where there was a thin film over the screen so when you push it helps know where your finger is.

    Mainly though, i wanna get one for downloading a specific app on the play store that i can link my engine information via blue tooth. and have it displayed on my stereo. I think it would be awesome to have one like this.

    I just found one for 190 bucks with a back up cam. I may do this haha.

  31. thebigbologna

    Go ahead and give this video a like

  32. NorthEast Stig

    Please answer this question… How well does the Aux Input work on the head unit? if I have something plugged in through av cables, will that work?

  33. SecGuard Guy

    whats the name on this head unit

  34. Pablo Machuca Chavez

    hey!!! is a sentra b16??? 😀

  35. cerdag12

    What color are the button lit up

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