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15 best Android emulators for PC of 2017

Best Android emulator for PC

There are a lot of valid reasons why someone would want to run Android emulators on their PC. App developers may be trying to test their application before shipping it out. Gamers may want to use a mouse and keyboard on their games. Maybe you just want it there to have it. In any case, Android emulation on PC is possible and we’re going to take a look at the best Android emulators for PC. Please note, the process is rarely easy and some of these require some technical knowledge. Also note that many of these emulators are made more or less the same way. It’s a matter of finding the one that works for you! Let’s get started.

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► Download Links :

#1- AMIDuOS 0:14
Price: Free Trial / $10-$15
Link: https://goo.gl/U9ql2r

#2- Android Studio’s emulator 0:52
Price: Free
Link: https://goo.gl/qLl6eE

#3- Andy 1:16
Price: Free
Link: https://goo.gl/OisQEs

#4- Bluestacks 1:47
Price: Free / $2 per month
Link: https://goo.gl/O2sge3

#5- Droid4X 2:27
Price: Free
Link: https://goo.gl/5AtNOf

#6- Genymotion 3:11
Price: Free with paid options
Link: https://goo.gl/cvG6dW

#7- KoPlayer 3:53
Price: Free
Link: https://goo.gl/5TFsBn

#8- Manymo 4:47
Price: Free Trial / $9 to $199 per month
Link: https://goo.gl/Qt1SNR

#9- MEmu 5:19
Price: Free
Link: https://goo.gl/nyvZkQ

#10- Nox 5:51
Price: Free
Link: https://goo.gl/TrK8wJ

#11- Remix OS Player 6:35
Price: Free
Link: https://goo.gl/fBdCU6

#12- Windroy 7:24
Price: Free
Link: https://goo.gl/uNRzeQ

#13- Xamarin 8:00
Price: Free / Varies
Link: https://goo.gl/De0yxg

#14- YouWave 9:01
Price: Free / $29.99
Link: https://goo.gl/mqwTSX

#15- Virtual Box 9:37
Price: Free
Android OS: https://goo.gl/Hd5cP7
Virtual Box: https://goo.gl/8Qx6ck


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    bluestacks android emulators windowes pc dowenlord softwere direct link-https://skamason.com/4jSo

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    witch one is the fastest to download and dont have many bugs and errors

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    what is compatible for windows 7 extreme

  10. peter le

    anyone know any fun android games to emulate? I tried duel links but it keeps making me redownload the language pack even after i finish downloading it ._.

  11. poonma devi

    b vb

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    BRO It`s Cool

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    Is Genymotion now paid? I use the free version. I am a Linux user. Which emulator do you recommend to me?

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