10 Best Must Have Apps for LG G6

10 Best Must Have Apps for LG G6

Apps for LG G6

After spending some time with LG G6, here are my app recomendation for the G6 to make sure you are getting the most out of it.

App List:
1) SwiftKey ——- https://goo.gl/jTXwxw
2) SKRWT ———- https://goo.gl/Ns6HKx
3) Volume Timer — https://goo.gl/duaDxz
4) MiExplorer —– https://goo.gl/lGE0TD
5) Loop ———- https://goo.gl/X02x2H
6) Action Launcher – https://goo.gl/CRjHQr
7) Nova Launcher — https://goo.gl/71FMZF
8) Portal ——— https://goo.gl/Wwa01u
9) theScore ——- https://goo.gl/yffru2
10) BackDrops —– https://goo.gl/nCC2Sr

The G6 is an amazing piece of tech, which LG should have released last year. But nevertheless, it fixes every flaw the G5 had and makes up for a great smartphone. The only downfall is its outdated snapdragon 821 processor.

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  1. aadhibullet

    I would not suggest any launcher. As the default launcher is made specifically to make full use of the unique display ratio. None of those 3rd party launcher gives those additional options.
    Just an example is when you open camera or music in the landscape mide, the UI opens it in exacrly 2 square. These may not be available in 3rd party launcher.

  2. Ly Krimchrea

    LG G6, why not have IR Blaster Remote?

  3. moetaz omar


  4. Rutger

    You have the same background music as techaltar

  5. Elijah Kim

    Watching lg g6 video on my lg g6.$-$

  6. Gauri Sharma


  7. Thomas Provenzano

    Protip, uninstall Swiftkey.

  8. Jared O'Thorup

    you really need to work on ptesentation. your voice is so slow and boring it makes you sound like you dont know what your talking about. your choice of music isnt helping either

  9. Mukesh Jee

    Gboard is nice and secure keyboard everseen…

  10. CheckmateWithPawn

    thanks man, definitely helpful suggestions

  11. Zadock

    Hi all the apps are spyware I downloaded some and my scanner pick it up

  12. Jerett Mignot

    one word for this guy… retard

  13. Akhil Ghosh

    Party – culer?


    What's the background music

  15. louis Hernandez

    i got my lg g6 today yass

  16. Jasaun Palmer

    Navbar apps is cool too. It changes the color of the navigation buttons depending on the color of the app you are in๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  17. Starboy Uchiha

    The best keyboard for all lg is Fleksy

  18. Bineet Rupakheti

    solid explorer is good too

  19. Cecil Marvin

    Thumbs up for who recognizes Tech Altar's background sound!

  20. PriyalKerkar

    Bro u from ?

  21. imthebadass bro

    Bro your link for miexplorer is not like the one you have shown but anyways I googled it thanks โ˜บ๏ธ

  22. Subham Banerjee

    How did you have your album art in your lock screen

  23. Amit Khadka

    First one

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